Signs Of Stroke In Dogs


Stroke Sign No. 1: Loss of Body Control 

When you dog loses his body control, and he seem that he can’t manage to take care of his needs. Excessive gasping, vomiting and diarrhea, or loss of bladder control all can be caused by the stroke.  It can also give your dog a hard time to breath with irregular heartbeats (heart arrhythmia). 

These symptoms might be disguised in a simple sign of an upset stomach or indigestion, but what you need to carefully observe is the duration of these symptoms, because sometimes when these signs can’t seem to slow down and it’s only getting more intense and just worst you must consider it as a serious clue for a Stroke that will demand a quick treatment.

 But if you fail to notice the difference, your dog’s health might be in a great danger, you must act really quickly before it is too late by taking the pet the vet and even at extreme cases like this you must reach out to Academy Animal Hospital for urgent care.