Signs Of Stroke In Dogs


Stroke Sign No. 5: Loss of Balance 

The symptoms of stroke usually come so fast, so your dog might act perfectly normal with no signs of any dangerous attack but some dogs might feel a little ill and since you know dogs as all other pets can’t directly inform you when they are not feeling good. All they can do is send some signs in the hope of you to notice them and do something for help. 

With that in mind, you need to notice the way your dog walks and moves around the house, is he perfectly balanced and on point or is there any sudden loss of balance? Is he able to stand properly with no help of a wall or a person? As you already know now that the stroke effects the brain which effects all its functionalities and therefore your dog’s behaviors.

If you managed to pinpoint this symptom in your dog’s attitude you must contact your vet as soon as possible since he can be well informed of how to handle cases like this.

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