Signs Of Stroke In Dogs


Are you quite sure of your dog’s attitude and habits? Really confident that if there is anything wrong with him you’ll definitely and easily manage to notice. But in case you don’t know when your baby dog is having a stroke, his reactions are not quite predictable, all is left for you is to try to observe these common symptoms that most dogs might get when they are at risk of a stroke attack.

What exactly is a stroke? It’s a brain attack that accrues when the blood flow to an area of brain is interrupted or reduced (ischemic) or bleeds (hemorrhagic). When this happens, brain cells won’t be able to get their needed supply of oxygen and begin to die. Dogs that at risk for Stroke includes those who suffer from kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, bleeding disorders, hypothyroidism ….

Strokes can be very dangerous, it’s an attack that can happen abruptly and so fast to even act or do anything to save your dog, that’s why you could use some precious and useful information about this topic, as long as you are a dog lover, who knows? It might actually help your dog and increases his chances survival.

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