5 Everyday Household Items And Their Hidden Purposes


It’s very likely that you’ve never wondered why some of the things you use every day are molded and designed in a certain way and what is the purpose of their shape and size. That’s right, most of us have never done it, but once you read this article, you’ll be blown away, wondering why you didn’t notice it when it’s so obvious? The most common household items you use have secret objectives that will leave you stunned for a minute, some of them are very useful, and so you can think of them as tips and tricks that could simplify your life. But others are just completely unnecessary and pointless, if you are curious about these secret purposes then keep reading!

Punt in a wine bottle

A punt in a wine bottle is the concave bottom of a wine bottle. Have you ever wondered why it is there in the first place? Historically talking, it has been added since it helps keeping bottles standing straight, providing a better stability to the wine, it also prevents the bottle from breaking during transport. And for sparkling wine and champagne, this technique allows the bottle to hold the high pressure inside the bottle in an evenly distributed way which increases its strength and guarantees a better color and taste. 

The loop on the back of button-down shirts

Have you ever noticed the loop on the back of button-down shirts, and wondered why it was added and what is its usefulness? These loops are commonly called “locker loops”, they were originally used by East Coast sailors and as the name states, they are added to help men to easily hang their shirts off any hook in their lockers or in the walls while keeping it wrinkle free. But soon this trend started spreading itself onto the streets as the prestigious Ivy League schools added this detail to their students’ uniform so it become a sign of high-status fashion and quality.

Colored rectangle on the bottom of toothpaste tubes

Toothpaste itself has a strange and commonly unknown detail, it’s a colored box on the very bottom of the product. The color is often black, blue, red and sometimes green. They are called “eye marks” as they’re used during the process of manufacturing and packaging of the toothpaste. It helps the machines on an industrial line to know where to cut and fold, this way we can all get different sizes and quantities of the product.

Arrow on fuel gauge in cars

When you are in your car and in the driver sit, have you ever noticed the arrow on the gas gauge, of course it’s so small that it’s barely noticeable, it could be pointing in opposite directions, either left or right, this arrow is there to indicate on which side the fuel cap is located, it could be very useful in some cases so keep it in mind.

Buttons around jean pockets

It’s a detail that the majority of jeans have it, it’s the little metal pieces called rivets, they are located next to your pockets, they were invented by the legendary founder of Levi’s jeans, as They serve a great cause in straightening the most touched area which it pockets, so that it is harder to tear and wear out and finding them on a pair of jeans is always a good sign to the high quality of the jean itself.