5 cutest stories of pets friendship


Friendship is precious, it makes life more delightful and worth living and all kind of friends that you can have are special in their own way. But the most extraordinary friendship of all times is the one that a person can have with their pets and in this article you’ll read about 5 extraordinary Human and animal friendship that will warm your heart.

1. Joao Pereira and his best friend, the penguin Dindim

Joao Pereira de Souza is a fisherman who spend all his life on fishing in the seas of Rio de Janeiro has never expected to make a lifelong friendship with a penguin that survived a very bad injury with the help of Joao Pereira.  After noticing the moving animal covered in oil fighting for his life, Souza came and saved the poor penguin from death which gave them both a new precious and priceless friendship.

Souza devoted his time to nurse and take good care of the injured animal and with time they struck up an unbreakable bond that was never effected, not even with the departure of DinDim back into the wild, the smart penguin still recognize his savior and travel back to Joao for a visit every 8 months which proves the strength of their friendship.

 2. Agee, the polar bear

Exotic animal might be considered as a dangerous kind to have as pet, but not everybody adapt this idea, at least not the case for Mark with Agee his polar bear, Mark spend his time taking care of this exotic pet and consider her an endearing part of his family that shares pool and even bed with. But the love is reciprocal since Agee expresses it with hugs and playful games with her human best friend. 

3. A 5-year-old girl befriends an adorable duck

We all as kids hoped to have a pet, to take care of it and love it unconditionally, and some of us were very fortunate to have a kitten, a puppy or even a hamster, but this 5 years old girl was lucky enough to have a not so common pet, an adorable duck to build a strong friendship with. The little girl introduced the cute duck to her everyday life activities from walking around the park to going shopping in the nearby mall, sharing unforgettable memories together, their bond is simply unbreakable, 

4. John Unger carries his dog into the lake so he can help him sleep

The stories of the human and dog friendship continue to surprise the world with their sincerity and heart moving moments. John Unger carries his 19 years old dog Shoep on his arms in the lake for long hours just to help his best buddy to fall asleep, John was informed by his Vat that the dog suffered from arthritis and he even offered to give lethal injection to his dog, but John was soon to refuse the offering, he admits that he owes his life to his dog since Shoep once saved him from committing suicide. Unfortunately Shoep passed away at the age of 20 leaving John with unforgettable memories and heartwarming story.

5. A zookeeper reunites with the gorilla after 5 years

Another extraordinary friendship is the one of an Australian zookeeper and a gorilla Kwibi that was caught on camera by Australia’s 60 Minutes series. The first reunion of the two after Kwibi was back in the wild. After 5 years, the zookeeper was very nervous, not knowing what to expect from the gorilla, but his fear was quickly swept away by Kwibi’s actions, the gorilla recognized his old friend and he was more than happy to see him again, he even spent the whole night with his human buddy and introducing him to his family.