You Won’t Believe People Actually Eat These Food Combos


Making delicious and rich flavored combinations of food is what we all like to do and consume with a light heart most of the time. Preparing foods and combos such as burgers and fries, bacon and eggs, Pasta and Cheese and cookies and ice cream, take us in an experience of outstanding flavors and delightful tastes. But apparently there is always those people who are going to think out of the box and try other things out of the norm even when it comes to eating.

People who will come up with very strange food combos that might leave you questioning how on earth did they thought of that? And is it even safe to consume both of the foods simultaneously? How on earth could marshmallows and a hot dog taste good or even gross, soy sauce and ice cream. You might be questioning the sanity of the people who made those combos up but trust me they have a decent amount of fans who would love to eat them happily. 

Pickles and Chocolate

Some people really think that chocolate and pickles combo taste good, dipping the vinegary taste of the pickles in the rich and sweet taste of the chocolate might seem a very attractive combination for a headful of people who claim that this weird practice is an ancient tradition one in the history. And with the Delish writer Lena Abrahams’s published article on internet about this combo, and after it went viral, so many people were curious enough to give this pickles and chocolate thing a try, and as predicted people had various opinions on this matter, whether it tastes good or just a disgusting mix, for us, it is very obvious that we are no fan for this strange combo after all. 

Pasta and Ketchup

Pasta and Ketchup is another weird combination that we strongly encourage you to avoid. Other then it taste really bad, it is actually considered a lack of respect by Italian chefs and gurus of Italian cuisine. A interview with THE LOCAL in 2013 revealed the dissatisfaction and rejection of the combination by the president of an Italian food organization Gianluigi Zenti, who mentioned that this weird food mix has nothing to do with the genuine Italian cuisine and it was only getting its popularity form celebrities such as Brett Kavabaugh who once admitted his odd way of eating pasta with ketchup on top.

Ice cream and fries

This one food combination really disgusts us and put us in a very weird state, just wondering why would someone eat their fries with such inappropriate element, as if there is not enough   perfectly and acceptable alternatives out there. fries can be eaten with ketchup at least if not try mustard and mayo, tons of other delicious and sauces or even sour cream and gravy but people are weird to leave all this perfect combos and choose the taste of their fries with melted ice cream.

The Chickle

The Chickle is the name of the crazy creation of a minor league baseball team called The Fresno Grizzlies for their match against the Nashville Sounds in 2017, Chickle simply stands for sliced pickle stuffed with hot chicken and it was officially considered as the weirdest food to get at a sports game but this combo was available only during the 2 days of the match, people who tried this combo had different opinions and reviews, Mashable considered the mixture as “either genius or disgusting.”, Metro described it as “deeply unsettling”, and WideOpenEats admits that it is “everything you could want from chicken inside a pickle.

The Avolatte

A latte served in a avocado shell is what can be called a Avolatte, it was created for the first time as a joke but somehow it when viral and got especial attention from the media but why would anyone drink their latte from an avocado skin over a regular cup, we don’t know! But it is happening and it is becoming a phenomenon that most people want to try and share on their social media accounts for more popularity.