5 Signs Your Cat Is Depressed


Depression is a mental illness with symptoms that effect one’s mood, feelings and life with a general loss of interest in people and things. This mood disorder is quite common among human beings, but did you know that even pets can get depressed? Even more frequently than you think.

 In this article, you will be informed about how your cat can be effected by depression. As you might know cats are very smart and highly perceptive which can put her at risk of getting depressed, if one or two unpleasant events occurs, losing a beloved family member or lacking that excitement in her surrounded environment can trigger the depressive behavior from your cat’s behalf. 

 But we will pinpoint some signs that your cat might be suffering from depression, and may as well offer you some tools and tips with which you can help your kitten out of that sad and awful state, so keep reading.

1 – Lethargy.

If one thing that cats love to do other than eating is definitely sleeping. Cats are well known for their love for sleep and occasional naps in several of places in the house sometimes even outside of it. It is actually normal for a cat to sleep for 17 hours divided on naps during the day while each nap is followed by a phase of energy bursts and playful behaviors but this remains in the case of a healthy cat only.

But if you notice an unexpected change in your cat’s sleeping habits, sleeping for too long without even bothering to change the spot from time to time, and even when he wakes up, he is lacking energy and uninterested in playing with what once was called his favorite toy. If you managed to detect the change then you must already sense that your cat in unhappy.

Poor grooming 

Cats take their cleanliness very seriously, they can spent hours tidying and cleansing their fur and every part of their body. So if you notice your cat is uninterested in grooming himself as he used to. Then your cat might be going through some depressive phase in his life. The best help to offer is to clean him yourself, do it regularly and neatly to keep him sane and healthy. If by any chance he doesn’t like brushers, change up and try using grooming gloves that you can simply get online or from your vet even. This can strengthen the bond between you and your kitten and the feelings of love and care might cure his depression.

2- Loss of appetite.

If you really know your cat, you will defiantly notice his overjoy and excitement when he is about to get his meal. Some of them start running and jumping waiting to be feed it’s so adorable to watch. Depressed cats on the other hand won’t do that, as they might be lacking appetite and completely not interested in food. Keep in mind that this could be a sign of an illness or another health issue that needs to be checked by the veterinarian.

3- Vocal clues.

Carefully notice the noises that your cat is making, since some cats attend to be louder and more vocal when they are in a depressed state. The meows will sound sad and gloomy expressing his unhappy condition.

4- Hiding or avoiding affection.

You may say that cats are introverts unlike dogs who like to be exposed to the outside world so often.  But when your cat starts to avoid any social interaction with you or with any one (even other pets) then that is an indicator that he might be suffering from depression or stress caused by some reason.

5- How to Help

Depression can be very challenging but fortunately it is curable, first you need to pinpoint the reason that is causing the depression. And then you can start helping your cat by making him more active, try taking some time from your day to actually play and socialize with him in order to create an unbreakable bond between you too. Buy him toys and see which he prefers the most, a wand, a teaser toy or laser pointer.

There is a toy that can give both of you a great time playing it, it’s called the Mouse Hunt Toy  it’s a toy you can control from your phone while your cat does all the work. It’s a pretty fun game.

If your cat suffers from depression, he will need extra care from you. Spending valuable time with him while offering him toys and his favorite treats can help your cat to get out of his depressed condition.